There are a number of ways for individuals to engage with the community through Echelon and The Salvation Army.  For an introduction to Echelon and The Salvation Army, we recommend a “Behind the Red Shield” Tour, hosted at 911 S. Brook St., Louisville, KY, on the 1st Thursday of every month at 11:30am.  Tours include lunch and an overview of The Salvation Army services in Louisville and a tour of its Center of Hope social service programs.  The Salvation Army kitchen also welcomes volunteers to help serve meals throughout the week.  For more information or to schedule a tour or service opportunity, please contact Jill Warf at 502-671-4900.

See our schedule here or on our Calendar

TBD Dates of Events/Opportunities

**Service Project: Re-painting Transitional Housing Comp. Lab and Corps Areas


  • Annual Fall Festivals

  • Brook Street Bash

  • 150th Celebration


  • Bell Ringing Days

  • Angel Distribution Days

**When serving dinner be sure to enter through Social Services office on Breckenridge Street and arrive at 4:30pm if unable to serve on your designated day try to contact your alternate to cover your shift or notify Jill/Jeremy if no one is available

**Seasonal events will be determined as they closer approach due to the high number of volunteers usually scheduled