Membership Information

Echelon seeks to identify and pursue strategies or initiatives which raise awareness, increase visibility, and boost volunteer participation for The Salvation Army among the <40 year old demographic within JOBS counties (Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, and Spencer).  Echelon functions to bridge the age gap that currently exists in the Salvation Army, bringing a new level of exposure to the organization and infusing it with a fresh generation of leaders.  This will be accomplished by:

  • Building and maintaining a cohesive executive Board focused on guiding and growing Echelon membership. The Board will be composed of committed, enthusiastic members who are eager and willing to dedicate time to furthering the organization’s cause and fulfilling the group’s objectives. The Board should represent a diverse cross-section of different demographics, occupations, experience, and skillsets, and will be considered a prestigious position – it will be seen as an honor to be selected and serve.
  • Building, developing, and retaining a pipeline of young adults (<40) to succeed aging volunteers and leadership.
  • Cultivating and maintaining a strong relationship with The Salvation Army Louisville Area Command Advisory Board.
  • Adopting and implementing a Sustainability Guide which clearly identifies the roles and responsibilities of the Board and membership, communicates Echelon’s strategic vision, and establishes a sturdy framework which will allow Echelon to sustain an impactful presence in the community well into the future.
  • Identifying and leveraging key partnerships, outlets, tools, or resources which support its mission.

Types of memberships (suggested)

  • Individual $50
  • Couple $75

​For more information on what Echelon membership entails, please see the “What We Do” section.

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