What We Do

Mission Statement

  • Echelon seeks to mobilize the next generation for The Salvation Army by providing opportunities for young adults to engage with the organization through fellowship and networking, donations and fundraising, and service and volunteering.

Vision Statement

  • A community of diverse young adults, ages 18 to 40, collectively rising up to serve The Salvation Army through fellowship and networking, donations and fundraising, and service and volunteering.


  • Echelon is a group of enthusiastic young professionals who are driven to “do the most good for the most people in the most need”.  The Salvation Army pursues its mission 365 days a year and serves the entire community through a number of services, so there are ample opportunities to address needs in the community, improve people’s lives, and influence change.  Individuals are expected to be active participants and will work closely with the organization on a regular basis.  There are two primary elements to Echelon participation:


  1. Service and Volunteering – Members will work alongside officers, employees, and volunteers of the Salvation Army in the field to serve those in need
  2. Donations and Fundraising – Events are scheduled throughout the year to raise money for various causes or initiatives.  Members work together to identify the causes or efforts they wish to support or pursue, the avenue by which it plans to generate that support (and any associated planning, logistics, and resource coordination), and is responsible for execution of that event or activity.
  3. Recruitment and “Friend-raising” – Members will become active brand ambassadors for the Echelon group and will represent the next generation of rising leaders in the Salvation Army.  Members will seek to engage new talent and grow membership through casual conversations, formal or informal presentations to groups and partners, relationship building and networking, and also through existing personal and professional circles.

II.Personal Growth and Professional Development

  1. Fellowship & Networking – Through Echelon, members gain access to key Salvation Army leadership and can gain recognition for their activities and successes.  Members also may have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with key partners while working towards a shared goal.  Community leaders, executives, and a number of influential people work closely with the Salvation Army and Echelon on a regular basis, so Echelon provides opportunities to build powerful and lasting relationships.
  2. Strategy and Leadership – Members have the opportunity to serve in varying capacities, from the Board to Executive Officers to Advisors.  Generally, members serve in roles that complement their respective skill sets, and include communication, events, membership, service, development, marketing, or fundraising assignments.  Serving in any of these roles provides the member the opportunity to gain great experience which they can then apply in their professional life and career – and is a great resume builder, too.  Echelon will be a conduit through which young adults make a meaningful impact in the community while gaining valuable professional experience.
  3. Faith-Building Echelon is a Christian movement which supports the faith-based mission and vision of the Salvation Army.  Echelon members are motivated by faith and inspired by God to be “formidable agents of change working on behalf of the poor, marginalized and suffering”.