What We Do

Echelon Portland seeks to mobilize the next generation for The Salvation Army by providing opportunities for young adults to engage with the organization through fellowship and networking, donations and fundraising, and service and volunteering.

In 2015 thousands of people were helped by The Salvation Army in the Portland Metro area: 

  • 15,891 indviduals recieved season assistance 
  • 82,330 people were served last year
  • 49,381 total nights of lodging were provided 
  • 411,282 meals and snacks were served

Why we do it

As young professionals, not everyone has the capacity to make large donations to The Salvation Army.  What young professionals part of Echelon CAN do is share their skills, passion, and talent to make a difference.  Young professionals are motivated to serve a cause they are passionate about – Echelon Portland is passionate about the work of The Salvation Army in the Portland Metro community.


Echelon Portland works to raise funds to support Salvation Army programs in the community.  Whether it’s through membership dues or events, monies raised go to support specific needs at Salvation Army community centers, shelters, and more.

Service & Volunteer

The Salvation Army Echelon Portland Chapter recognizes that young professionals want to give back to their community, and this is why the Chapter highly values service and volunteerism.  Throughout the year, service and volunteer opportunities are offered to Echelon members who are interested in making a difference for people in need.  These opportunities are usually at one of The Salvation Army’s 9 programs in the Metro area, serving the homeless, hungry, and more.


Through Echelon Portland, young professionals can not only meet new people and make new friends, they can also do it for a cause.  You bring together a group of like-minded young professionals wanting to affect change.  You are emerging leaders.  



  • Mackenzie Neitling realized her friends didn’t have a lot of extra cash to donate, but as young professionals they did have skills and passions to offer. The skills-based service initiative she started is part of a broader national trend.
  • Echelon Portland event ‘Dear Echelon’ exceeded my expectations and helped me learn more about what The Salvation Army is doing to help people in the community,” said Echelon Portland member Alix Crossland, about the storytelling event held at Portland’s Academy Theater