Who We Are

Echelon is a community of diverse young adults collectively rising up to serve The Salvation Army through fellowship and networking, donations and fundraising, and service and volunteering. Echelon was founded in 2010 in Dallas, Texas and has since been branded as the National Young Adult Auxiliary of The Salvation Army.

As a local chapter of the National Young Adult Auxiliary of The Salvation Army, Echelon San Diego is a membership of San Diegan young professionals supportingĀ The Salvation Army San Diego Sierra Del Mar Division.


  • Echelon Founders: Ted Hoehn, Travis Mossy, Maile Miller
  • Echelon Co-Presidents: Jessica Duncan & Chris Collins
  • Echelon Finance: Jason Cuffel
  • Echelon Events: Zach French & Taylor Sides
  • Echelon Service: Paige Hollen, Natalie Eastman, April Hinrichsen
  • Echelon Web Director: David Grotting
  • Echelon Social Media/Communications: Sharrah Robeson
  • Echelon Membership: Travis Mossy
  • Echelon Chaplain: Maile Miller

Board Members

David Grotting

Board Member

Founding Salvation Army Officers

Dustin Rowe